WGT Country Club A Place For All To Enjoy

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Welcome to Docs Place

Thank you for your interest in Docs Place Country Club. We are a friendly country club community of WGT and actively play in group activities such as alternate shot games and Stableford matches.

Docs Place Country Club has many features that not all clubs have on WGT.  We host weekly handicap tournaments. This is a great advantage to lower tier ranks to match up against members at a higher tier. We play match play tournaments, alternate shot tournaments, stroke play tournaments, Stableford tournaments, and soon we are creating a Ryder style tournament. We have special tournaments where different rules are given to the players that must be followed. The special tournament is a lot of fun, and the use of TeamSpeak is fantastic.

Not a member of a country club on WGT?  Join in the fun at Docs Place CC and enjoy the social fun and activities.  

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