Ryder Style Tournament

We hold this type of tournament once every couple of months.  Team captains and members are randomly selected.  It is  not about Europe and the United States. This is just a fun format for random players to compete in a little different style of playing.

Each challenge will last a week.  If we get to the point to where the challenges are finished faster then this will change, but to ensure everyone has an opportunity to play in there challenge a week is a good amount of time.  Each challenge will start on Sunday and you will have till Saturday to post the score.

Traditionally there are twelve on a team, but we can do it with as  few as few as four.  The team captains will pair up players for the first and final round into teams.

Round 1: 

Alternate Shot

  • The selected teams of team Red and team Blue will compete in an alternate shot game.  The winner will receive the amount they won by in points.  If they won 1 UP they will receive 1 point and if they get 4 UP they will receive 4 points.

Round 2:

Stroke Play

  • The captains will select who each player plays.  Do not worry about beating an opponent that is better than you, this is a game against the course.  The game is a full 18 holes, that may be played front and then back as long as they are played in the same day.  Your score for the round gets posted.  A combination of all  members scores will be added to the team tally. 

Round 3:


  • The team captains will select teams for each side.  Unlike traditional blitz games this is a team blitz.  You and your team mate will combine your wins.  The game is 18 holes and should be played as 18 holes.  Team totals will be added and score submitted.


  • Team Red, player A wins 2 skins
  • Team Red, player B wins 6 skins
  • There total is 8
  • Team Blue, player A wins 6 skins
  • Team Blue, player B wins 4 skins
  • There total is 10.

Traditionally if there is a tie in the Ryder Cup the trophy is held by the previous winner.   We unfortunately can’t do this.  In case of a tie there will be a closest to the hole 9 hole match against the two captains.  The winner of that will be the champion of our Ryder Style Tournament.

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